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Life Apr 23

Thank you, Bruce!

I learned last week that Bruce Pitman, University of Idaho Dean of Students, announced his retirement. His 41-year career at Idaho began in 1973 in the position of Greek Adviser, transitioning into the role...
News Apr 15

Consumer Voyeurism: The World of Unboxing Videos

This spring while doing some pre-purchase research on new digital cameras I came across the internet phenomena known as Unboxing Videos. Sure, I’d seen them before but with a vested interest in a couple...
#AgencyLife Apr 11

Mad Men – Our (Real) Favorite Ads from the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Portfolio

After 6 successful seasons with average viewership at about 2.5 million, we are sad to say the last season of Mad Men is upon us. Only 14 more hours left with our favorite counterparts...
News Apr 9

Twitter Brings Down King Joffrey

  With the new Game of Thrones season starting globally over the weekend, a group of creative marketers in New Zealand took to Twitter to engage audiences in launching the latest season on New...