Welcome, Andrew!

When we talk about #agencylife here at DaviesMoore, you’ll often hear us referring to how it takes grit. The roll up your sleeves, get back on the horse, no-one-can-keep-you-down, kind of grit. As sexy of a life as it may seem on Mad Men, being successful in this industry takes a lot of perseverance.

One short talk with Andrew and anyone can see just how much grit he has. As an Oregon Duck, Andrew set his sights high in college and landed positions within different organizations that other students only dreamt of. He spent two years on the Oregon Pit Crew as the VP of Social Media and Marketing Director, acted as a strategist for the student-run agency Allen Hall Advertising, and interned with the Eugene Emeralds. For any marketer and sports lover, these are the crème de la crème in college. And to put the cherry on top, upon graduating he landed an internship with the Sacramento Kings working on corporate partnerships and client relations.

From a business perspective, bringing together the grit it took to land those positions and the competitive energy that is often inherent to sports fans is an exciting combination in an employee. As Andrew will be an account coordinator on one of our top accounts, the grit and perseverance will be necessary characteristics and will contribute greatly to his success. Just over a week in and he’s already hit the ground running and providing tremendous value to the entire team. Plus his smack talk on World Cup brackets is top notch and it, among everything else, has me extremely pleased to have Andrew a part of the DaviesMoore family.

Welcome to DaviesMoore, Andrew, and be prepared for my bracket to reign supreme!