Data informed strategy

Developing your strategy: Data-informed versus data-driven

In today’s business climate, data is essential. From the importance of data on which to base business decisions to the […]

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Creative vs. strategy

The relationship between strategy and creative

Whether you know it or not, good creative will always follow a strategic insight. Sometimes people will develop good creative […]

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Trademark Symbols: Which One Do You Use

I was recently asked to add a trademark symbol to a logo for a client. When looking at the special […]

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Sketchy Fridays

Sketchy Friday

I have always been a doodler, but I’ve never been very disciplined about drawing or sketching. It is one of […]

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Why I Love Eugene

Two years ago, I made the bold decision to call Eugene, Oregon, my home. I was born and raised in […]

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Shark Week

Shark Week ooh ha ha! It’s that time of year again! Who doesn’t love Shark Week? In honor of this […]

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DaviesMoore Opens an Office in Eugene

As we prepare for our annual meeting, it is a time of gratitude – reflecting on the creative wins and […]

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Meet our 2017 Interns!

  Clara Gray Why, hello! My name is Clara, and I am entering my senior year at Boise State University […]

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