Welcome Ismael and Felix!

DaviesMoore is excited to announce two new team members: Felix Ramirez and Ismael Gastelum! Felix is joining our digital team as a developer and Ismael is the newest addition to our accounting department as a controller.

Felix has hit the ground r-u-n-n-i-n-g! He’s jumped right in to a few of our web dev projects. We are all super grateful to have him here, but Dave and Emily may be the most stoked!

When Felix first started, I was convinced he had a pair of New Balance sneakers in every color of the rainbow. That has since been proven false, but the guy can definitely rock a shoe with style and aplomb. I’ve also noticed that Felix is very eco-friendly—he politely refused a box of tissues because he carries around a handkerchief! I’m very excited to see what ideas he has for next year’s Earth Week.

Ismael will work to support both our media and accounting departments. If you’re familiar with #agencylife, then you know that billing time can be hectic to say the least. Because of this, you need the right people in your accounting department. I think we have the right guy in Ismael. He has a great attitude and an even better sense of humor. He’s jumped right in to the work and has been getting to know everyone in the process.

When I asked him if he gets the ‘ole “call me Ismael” joke a lot his answer was a little surprising. He said he used to say it as an icebreaker himself but stopped because people didn’t get the reference. If you don’t get it, that’s embarrassing— let me help you.

Felix and Ismael, we’re super happy to have you as part of the team, welcome!