#DAREMOORE – Company Retreat 2015 Recap

It’s hard to believe our annual company retreat is already over. It’s been a productive year, and we were happy to top it off with our employee retreat to celebrate what we’ve done together. This year, we decided to #DAREMOORE and traded in last year’s pristine lake and cabins for a little gambling by way of beautiful Jackpot! It was everything one would hope – filled with slot-machine shenanigans, chicken fights in the pool, and few winning hands of Blackjack. A virtual scavenger hunt had the team vying for the best pics of arm wrestling, fanny packs, and exchanging shirts with strangers (*ahem* Shane). Needless to say, it added some spice to our summer, and we’ll be lucky if we are allowed back.

While the retreat was filled with laughter and memories in the making, most of all, it was a time to bond with our team, enjoy each other’s company and share in the passion that binds us all together. One of my favorite parts of the retreat is the reflection on the work we have done as a team over the last year, and the opportunity to honor a few individuals who stand out in the crowd. Among this hardworking, tight-knit group, it is extremely difficult to cull it down to just three award-winners but this year’s consensus was strong.

Team Member of The Year – Mel Mansfield 
This is the 4th year of this award, which is voted on by the employees. The criteria is a little loose – vote for the person who makes your time at DaviesMoore extra enjoyable. The person who goes above and beyond, pitches in when it “isn’t their job”, is constantly seeking solutions and who always enters the room with a smile. Mel Mansfield joined our team a little over a year ago and has made a huge impact on our work product and our culture. She is the mastermind behind #CAREMOORE, bringing monthly initiatives to our team and encouraging all of us in the art of giving back. She challenges our team to think bigger and better, is an amazing mentor, makes yummy (and amazingly beautiful) treats for holidays and special parties and is always up for a good time. We are truly lucky to have snagged Mel, and are so proud of the mark she has already made here at DM.

Rookie of The Year – Erin Westendorf
We’ve added quite a few newbies to the roster over the last few years, so this has been a particularly fun award to bestow. We have been lucky to hire extremely talented, eager team members, and have a full list from which to choose. This year’s award goes to a woman who swooped in with the biggest smile and an even better laugh to bring some humor to our accounting team and approach even the most difficult of situations with a positive attitude. The pure talent and knowledge this young woman possesses is amazing, but when you add in her attitude and willingness to tackle any challenge, she is truly one in a million. Erin Westendorf joined our accounting team while still attending Boise State University last Fall, and has become fundamental to our agency. Her software skills, speed and inquisitive nature have increased our productivity and created smooth efficient systems for billing and accounting. She may not have the most glorious position at DM, but she makes it look pretty darn amazing!

DMVP – Vicki Ward
To put it simply, the MVP is the person who has worked their buns off all year, always pitches in, is integral to the bottom line and who we feel we cannot live without. It is no surprise this woman falls into that category with decades of agency experience and a knowledge base that would make most of our heads spin. She can proofread better than anyone I have ever met, is hardworking, dependable and flies under the radar. In four years of voting for team member of the year, her name has been at the top of the list every year. She seeks little praise and takes the kitchen towels home each week to wash and fold them. She is constantly supporting everyone else at the agency, all while working her little fingers to the bone. Vicki Ward came over to DM in 2009 after 36 years at DaviesRourke and has been a pillar ever since. When I think about how we function as an agency, I truly believe we would have a hard time without her. She has been an amazing mentor to our Rookie of the Year and the two of them together are unstoppable.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners and to our entire team for another amazing year!