2018 Pro Bono Partnership Program

In 2018, DaviesMoore will embark on another new partnership with a non-profit organization to help identify marketing goals and create compelling campaigns for the greater good of our community.

We are a dedicated team of creative marketing professionals with roots that date back to when James Dean was rebelling without a cause. We are young and old, urban and outdoorsy, adventurous and laid-back. Our diversity shows in the work we do and the way we do it.

As individuals and as a company, we are leaders across a variety of causes and organizations. We are committed to making our community and world a better place, and we know that the right pro bono partner for us shares that commitment.

We have always believed DaviesMoore can – and should — have a positive impact on the communities we serve. That’s why we created the #CAREMOORE program — established to enrich and benefit our community. We now look to extend our impact by exclusively partnering with a non-profit organization whose values and goals of service align with ours.

Read more about our 2016 Partnership Program results with Üsful Glassworks, our 2016 CareMoore Pro Bono partner. 

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  • Your non-profit organization must have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • The final decision maker for marketing initiatives must attend all meetings with DaviesMoore.
  • You must submit your information via the following form by 5pm MST on 12/01/2017.

Questions about this program? Email us.


Does your non-profit organization have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status?


Your non-profit organization must have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to proceed with this application.

Does your organization have social media properties?

If yes, please list the URLs to all properties

Where have you been and what do you stand for?

What is the history of your organization?

What is your organization’s mission/vision/values?

What is the employee/leadership structure of your organization?

How is your organization funded?

What marketing efforts is your organization currently involved in?

What marketing efforts has your organization been involved with in the past?

How can we help?

What are your organization’s marketing goals that you want DaviesMoore’s help in achieving?

What are your organization’s top three goals in order of priority?

What are your organization’s marketing challenges that you want DaviesMoore’s help in overcoming?

What are your organization’s top three challenges in order of priority?

What makes you tick?

What is your organization’s brand personality?

What is the culture of your organization?

Regarding your target audience(s) and your organization’s product/offering/mission: what are the most compelling reasons to believe, to try, to buy, to volunteer, to donate, etc.?

Working together – one year of bliss:

Is this final decision maker committed to attending all meetings with DaviesMoore?


What is the availability of this final decision maker for meetings?

Why should DaviesMoore pick your organization?

The fine print – pro bono partnership details:

Pro bono work will include DaviesMoore’s expertise in marketing and creative services but does not include hard costs such as printing, shipping, media purchases, purchase of rights-managed imagery, etc.

DaviesMoore investment of time is not to exceed $50,000 annually and not to exceed 25 hours per month.

Pro bono partner decision will be made and communicated by 1/15/2018.

Work to begin 2/01/2018 and will start with a discovery/launch process.

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Questions about this program? Email us.