DaviesMoore Opens an Office in Eugene

As we prepare for our annual meeting, it is a time of gratitude – reflecting on the creative wins and strategic insights of the last year, celebrating the success of our team members and preparing for the next era of DaviesMoore. Over the last several years, we’ve been purposeful about our business planning and decisions as it relates to talent, work and growth.

After thorough examination of our vision and positioning, along with a partnership with an outside consultant to determine our strengths as related to regional agencies of our size, we determined we have a good story to tell among the competitive set in the Northwest.  With our current client mix and work in several states in the region, we decided to open a second office outside of Boise. As we looked at the options for locations, we considered the type of community and the array of businesses with which we desire to partner.  After several years with a small presence in the Eugene market, we have decided to lay the foundation for our second home.  With its close proximity to Bend and Portland, we are confident our team will be able to continue the same quality of life we enjoy in Boise and we’re excited about the new opportunities for collaboration.

I recall the first business trip Edward and I took to Eugene.  There was a comfortable feeling, as if it fit our style and somehow felt like an extension of the many things we love about Boise. When our first employee, Kallee, moved to the area to support a client, she confirmed this feeling of home.  Since then, the pieces have fallen into place and we’ve made the commitment to expanding our team in Eugene.

With her growth at DaviesMoore and knowledge of the market, Kallee will direct a team in Eugene and take the lead on business development.  We’ve already hired our first Oregon Duck and are excited about the future talent coming out of the Journalism and Advertising programs. We’ll spend the next few years building out the infrastructure and talent to support our new home and are thrilled about the opportunities on the horizon. Stop by and see us on your way to the Oregon Coast!