Downtown Boise Signage

Living on the outskirts of downtown, I am constantly walking. Walking to work, home for lunch, to the grocery store, to meet friends, you name it. Along these journeys, I thought it would be wise to document some of the signage I found visually interesting and successful. Signs can be informative, direct, humorous and fun. All of these things are meant to hopefully create emotion and then action from the viewer. I also find the local scene vital and want to give these places a little shout out.

Atlas_660x425ATLAS BAR

Located on 11th st near the Owyhee hotel, this hole-in-the-wall bar opened just a couple months ago. I enjoy the style of the Atlas mark and the creative and clear way of displaying “BAR” on the side of their building. According to the owner, it’s a classic bar- quaint, small and dark but not scary dark. Also, I believe a patio was just installed. Check it out!



IronWolf_660x425IRON WOLF TATTOO

Venturing a few feet down 11th and rounding the corner, a new tattoo shop has taken residence.  Hard to tell from my photo, but their sign is beautiful. Retro marquee letters, which I believe to be the work of Foster Weld, a local metal works shop that puts out some unique quality goods. The perfect choice for a tattoo shop in my opinion.



Guru+BF_660x425GURU DONUTS

Look at that cute oversized pink donut. I don’t think there’s a better way to draw people in. By using such an iconic clear mark for the passerby, there’s no need for text underneath the sign. SMART. Grab a donut on your walk to see the capitol!





My favorite sign in downtown Boise.  Pengilly’s is 113 years old and the sign really speaks to the vintage feel. I wonder if it’s original? You will find live music here almost every night, mounted animal heads adorning the walls, and a turn-of-the-century National Cash Register.




SILCrowbar_660x425LY BIRCH + CROWBAR

I want to give a little shout out to a fellow designer in the community that I had the pleasure of going to school with. Working with the owner of the 3 bars- Silly Birch, Whiskey Bar, and The Crowbar, Kyle Farmer and his business partner Chad Kay came up with signage that fit these bars perfectly. They used their love and talent of working with wood and metal and applied it to each of these businesses in an unique way specific to each bar that will have definite shelf life.



Just a bit of my two cents. I encourage you to get out in this beautiful weather and go on a scavenger hunt of your own. What stands out to you on the streets?