Quick Tips for Small Business Saturday Marketing

small-biz-saturdaySmall Business Saturday is right around the corner. Even with the holidays fast approaching, the week leading up to Small Business Saturday is prime time to spread your message and influence customers to spend some time in your small business on that day. Below, we’ve outlined three quick tips for capitalizing on the final marketing days leading up to Small Business Saturday.

Get Social

#ShopSmall is promoted by many organizations and brands, so it’s easy to capitalize on the traffic generated by all those hashtags. Do some research into local hashtags that news stations or other leaders are using to make sure you are visible to the local community.

Boosting content through Facebook will generate additional visibility to shoppers interested in Small Business Saturday. Facebook is relatively low cost for boosting posts and has detailed targeting options, allowing you to put your company name in front of people who are already interested in shopping. Even if you only put a small sum toward boosted content the week before, you will see additional traffic directed to your brand.


Typical #ShopSmall customers do not make a single purchase at a single store on Small Business Saturday, so consider working together with some additional small businesses on co-marketing campaigns. All businesses participating ultimately have the same goal during this day, and teaming up with additional brands expands the reach of potential shoppers for all parties involved. Co-marketing efforts could include social campaigns, events, or email promotions.

Focus on Existing Customers

The biggest marketing bang-for-your-buck leading up to Small Business Saturday can be realized by tapping into your existing customer base. Create simple email campaigns that remind them of Small Business Saturday and any promotions you are offering to celebrate the day. Be sure to include social tags for both yourself and Small Business Saturday, and encourage your list to share the event with their friends and family.

All in all, the more social conversations and brand touchpoints you have with people as we lead up to Small Business Saturday only helps your business during the event. Don’t forget to stay social on Saturday as well!