Experience 805 Internships


The DM Experience 805 Summer Internship is a program our team looks forward to every year. Entering our 5th year of the official Experience 805 program, this internship has evolved extensively since its inception. Beginning with a standard online application, the program led to engaging applicants through a chatbot experience in year four (whom we lovingly refer to as Webigail) and most recently an online gaming experience in 2018. This year, we tested the gaming skills of our applicant pool with an online video game we dubbed, Intern Dash.

Intern Dash was designed with an iconic Boise backdrop as its set piece and takes players across the familiar cityscape, hopping from building to building – featuring hot air balloons, the Capitol building, foothills landscape and a few other Boise gems that you will have to play the game to experience!

Play the Intern Dash Game >

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Other components of the 2018 Experience 805 internship recruitment campaign included the design and development of a landing page that provided information about our internship and the two different positions students can apply for: Suits (accounts & media teams) or Sandals (digital & creative teams). Before the application process began, candidates were asked to play the Intern Runner game and test their gaming mettle. Winners of the level were then moved through the process and could apply victoriously! Those who couldn’t navigate the Boise cityscape were given the option to either begin again or move on to apply humbly (we understand that not all marketers are gamers, and vice versa). Two separate applications forms were created for the Intern Dash masters and the not-so-good-at-gaming folks. But no preferential treatment was given to those who have mastered the point-and-click abilities, we promise.

To share Experience 805 with the masses, comprehensive e-mail and social campaigns were implemented. Students and aspiring Mad Men & Women were able to enter their information long before applications opened to secure their spot in line for the opportunity to throw their name in the hat and truly Experience 805. A multi-touch e-mail campaign was utilized as a campaign launch, in conjunction with follow up e-mails to maximize our response rate. Social media content was utilized as well to further promote the program among our social audiences, including teasers, announcements, and final reminders for deadline. The result? 2018 landed us one of our largest applicant pools to-date, including the most exciting and competitive groups we have ever received – we have our work cut out for us to find the perfect four applicants.

Although the application process is now over, applicants can still experience the Intern Dash game. Know someone who might be interested in applying next year? Sign-up to receive details and notifications when applications open!

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