Snake River Farms

Holiday 2014 SEM Campaign

DaviesMoore was hired by Snake River Farms to create and run their 2014 Holiday SEM campaign through Google Adwords.


To create and manage a comprehensive Google Adwords campaign for the 2014 holiday season, achieving a 3x ROI while maintaining an average order value of at least $200. The Adwords campaign needed to target all of Snake River Farms’ focus products & bundles, and run from the middle of October through the middle of December. This timeframe covered the holidays as well as Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


DaviesMoore set out to create a diverse Google advertising campaign that was aligned with all of Snake River Farms’ major products across both the Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch brands. This campaign coincided with the launch of the new Snake River Farms website and drove users to a number of different landing pages spanning individual product and catalog pages. Throughout the campaign, a number of different variables were tested and optimized, including ad copy, scheduling, customer location bid optimizations, landing pages and more.

In addition to traditional campaigns, Google Shopping campaigns also ran in conjunction to maximize exposure and competitive placement throughout Google’s various advertising campaign types. Google Shopping campaigns allowed Snake River Farms to display product imagery within Google Shopping results, as well as set bid priorities across their products & bundles through various optimizations.


  • Grew impressions by 914%
  • Grew clicks by 664%
  • 1.4% click-through-rate
  • 1.96% Conversion Rate
  • Campaign ROI of 4.56

Campaign Components