Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a strategy intended to streamline labor and time intensive sales and marketing processes with automated communications that are also timed and personalized based on the type of interaction a person has with a brand.

Traditionally, reaching targets to obtain leads, improve close rate, and increase engagement has involved a handful of different platforms and a lot of data integration from all those different platforms to measure results. Marketing automation overcomes these hurdles by delivering that information in a timely and relevant manner using a consolidated, comprehensive platform, giving you instant visibility into exactly where you’re tracking compared to your goals.

In the past few years, marketing automation has become a strategic focus for marketing managers and directors and a daily activity for digital marketing teams. While marketing automation really launched in the B2B space, it is now an integral strategy for B2C and D2C as well.

DaviesMoore offers marketing automation services including strategy, technology (the platform) and implementation. Our in-house marketing automation platform allows for many companies, who otherwise wouldn’t have the means, to leverage the power of marketing automation as part of their inbound marketing strategy at a much lower cost than onboarding a marketing automation solution that may be overkill for the brand.

Additionally, we hold certifications in some popular marketing automation platforms like Marketo and HubSpot, we are agnostic as to which platform we recommend and always ensure the best fit for our clients’ needs and budgets.

And since no good marketing automation solution is complete without ROI metrics, we help build that in as well to provide a well-oiled marketing automation machine for our clients.