Media Planning & Buying

We have extensive experience planning and negotiating media buys throughout Idaho, the Northwest, nationally, and internationally. Knowing the market is important, including available media, efficiencies of specific media vehicles, and elements that make each project unique.

Synergy among media vehicles (Internet advertising and social media advertising, out-of-home or billboard advertising, TV and radio advertising) is considered, as well as elements like cable penetration, demographic composition and qualitative factors. Budget, message content, and communication goals are all weighed in the planning process.

But media buying is not completely about metrics; rating points, cost-per-point, circulation, HUT/PVT levels, reach and frequency, and quantitative indexes. Most of these factors are important, but they’re not the last word. While we provide the number crunching and technical expertise to exact a full measure of efficiency, a little creativity tempered with wisdom is crucial.

DaviesMoore’s focuses heavily on value-added media buys to maximize our clients’ budgets, while providing win-win relationships with the media. Arrogance seldom wins friends or favors. The agency’s relationship with media partners has always been a priority.

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