Media Relations

We live in a world of influence. What we see, read and share makes a huge difference in our buying and brand attitudes. Even in today’s highly fractured media landscape, traditional media outlets have an unparalleled ability to reach the masses – targeting audiences based on demographic, geographic and psychographic behavior.

By creating and maintaining positive relationships with media partners, we open the doors toward mutually beneficial opportunities for our clients and the media. Generated by a third party, earned media creates a strong sense of credibility and trustworthiness that is difficult to achieve through paid media alone.

Media Relations now extends beyond traditional media outlets and delves into the digital realm, where earned media can be obtained through social media, bloggers, podcasts and online publications.

Successful media relations strategies go beyond simply sending out news releases. In an effort to garner media coverage that is visual, timely and compelling, DaviesMoore uses a variety of tactics may include press kits (digital or printed), video, letters to the editor, editorial, lists, rankings, ratings, reviews, social media mentions and more.

As the PR landscape adapts and evolves, so do we.

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