Of all the media in the marketing mix, television when used properly is the most powerful branding medium – because of emotional impact of sight and sound. While funny television commercials are often the most popular ones, the most effective TV ads capture the heart of the brand and resonate with the target. Whether funny, heart-warming, or tear-jerking, being on-brand and on-strategy is critical when it comes to television concepts and TV commercial production values. The top advertising agencies understand this distinction, and DaviesMoore prides itself on using television in the best way possible to build brands and generate ROI.

From a media planning perspective, buying and placing television commercials requires an in-depth understanding of the market, the available media, and the target. Like the top ad agencies in the Northwest and across the nation, DaviesMoore subscribes to Nielsen, Arbitron and Eastlan ratings. We utilize Strata Media Buying Software and good-old-fashioned collaboration and negotiation with the media to maximize the reach and frequency of television ad buys for our clients.