Traditional Media

DaviesMoore has a strong understanding of the role traditional media (television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, and outdoor advertising) plays in effective advertising campaigns. While new forms of media emerge, traditional media continues to have a place in the eyes and ears of consumers. DaviesMoore takes a holistic view of marketing and media, which ensures that every media budget is unique. We focus on placing our clients’ dollars in mediums that will garner the most bang for the buck, and traditional media outlets are routinely at the top of the list.

Our approach ensures that media budgets are placed to be effective and strategic, because after all, what’s the point in producing an award-winning TV spot if no one will see it? At DaviesMoore, we are media agnostic —meaning we do not have any personal attachments to any particular medium. Our only goal is to do what’s best for the client regardless if that’s placing a print ad, television ad, radio ad, billboard, or a new form of media. Whether a local, statewide, regional, or a national media buy, our recommendations are based on research through tools such as Media Audit, Nielsen, Arbitron, and Eastlan ratings data, as well as other quantitative data and our collective years of experience and creativity.

Our unique ability to create win-win-win relationships for our clients, the media, and DaviesMoore also opens up the possibility to maximize our clients’ budgets with added-value opportunities in traditional media.  With state-of-the-art agency media buying and billing software, we also ensure that radio and television spots – bonus or paid – run as scheduled; providing our clients with the sense of security that they’re paying for what they ordered.