Website Analytics

Measurement, collection, analysis, the ability to draw insights from website performance metrics and to use that data to optimize pages for web use — that is what web analytics is all about.

Why spend hard earned marketing dollars without the ability to understand how it impacts the bottom line?  When it comes to something as important as marketing spend accountability, it makes sense to be “in the know” and our web analytics services provide that insight so you can continue to optimize your marketing investment for maximum ROI. Our Google Analytics Certified Digital Marketing Specialists provide strategic analysis of how users navigate your business’ digital properties. This effectively helps to maximize your marketing & advertising budgets by providing a deeper understanding of what channels are driving relevant traffic to your website and converting into leads and ultimately sales.

At DaviesMoore, we take pride in presenting accurate performance metrics, seconded only by our passion for presenting data in a way that is illustrated clearly and explained in a manner that makes business sense. Any agency can run reports and give you a list of definitions but we’ll take the time to provide our analysis of the numbers and strategic recommendations based on that analysis. Contact us if you need a digital partner to help you translate what is happening on and off your site to better understand your customer audience. Our goal is always to cut through the data clutter to only provide you the information most necessary for making insightful, strategic, smart business decisions. It’s our business to know your business so, together, we can grow your business.