Why Facebook is the Opportunity for B2B Marketing in 2017

B2B Facebook MarketingWith the rising popularity of newer social media platforms, some B2B companies have made the mistake of discounting the value Facebook advertising can bring to their business. In our line of work, we hear companies claim that Facebook isn’t the right place to reach a B2B customer, or that Facebook is a dying platform for business. While you might assume your audience isn’t on Facebook, studies continue to show that Facebook is the overwhelming leader in number of users, frequency of visits, and duration of visits. Before you write off Facebook as a viable marketing platform, consider the following figures:

  • 71% of worldwide internet users use Facebook.
  • Facebook has 1.79 billion active monthly users, and 1.18 billion daily. That’s more users than Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp—combined.
  • One of every five page views in the United States is on Facebook.
  • The average user’s time spent per day on Facebook is 50 minutes (for comparison, LinkedIn’s average is two minutes).

Facebook’s earnings reports continue to post quarterly increases across the board—including average length of session per user. When you’re looking at where to invest your advertising dollars, consider length of time as an indicator of engagement. Your paid media dollars work the hardest through channels with highest engagement, giving you more opportunities to make impressions.

The case for Facebook advertising is backed by the most robust targeting capabilities of any social platform. Paid Facebook ads reach highly sophisticated audience lists, refined through custom audience builder tools. With over 10,000 user data points collected, Facebook puts your ads in front of an incredibly precise audience, potentially giving you a higher return on ad spending than any other media. By inputting your desired budget for an ad campaign, Facebook maximizes your dollars’ reach, helping small and large businesses alike. Facebook advertisers stretch their budgets the farthest while reaching a remarkably granular audience, making Facebook the most affordable paid advertising in the digital space.

This isn’t to argue that other social media platforms aren’t a smart presence for your business. YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter are obvious opportunities for owned media tactics in B2B marketing. But while platforms like LinkedIn are great for sharing industry news and organic content, the LinkedIn user you are trying to target is likely on Facebook—along with way more of your audience. Even if that user logs onto Facebook without business-related intent, they are still the same person that goes to their day job, which means you can still get their attention through B2B advertising.

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