Elia Sherman

Account Coordinator

I am constantly in bloom, which to me means that I am always flourishing in new environments, and constantly growing and learning within the conditions I am given. I am an avid flower lover, runner (sometimes**), and an INFJ which is the advocate personality which acts with creativity, conviction, and sensitivity not to create an advantage, but to create balance in everyday life.

I am passionate about trying to make sense of concepts and ideas that don’t make sense to me by listening, storytelling, and remaining empathetic in my daily life.

Prior to landing my full-time gig at DM I had the opportunity to teach 12-18 year-olds about English grammar in Madrid, Spain. In Madrid I was able to gain an international perspective, and further challenge myself in new ways which included making a documentary film about wineries outside of the Madrid metro area. Before my stint in Europe I was an account services intern here at DaviesMoore, which is where I fell in love with #AgencyLife and the ad world. I am so happy to be back with this talented crew, and I can’t wait to see what is in store.

Education: Bachelor of Arts double major in Communication Arts, and Environmental Studies; Allegheny College

Activities: Kappa Kappa Gamma (Gamma Rho), Bonner Service Leader