Ben Adams

Digital Media Planner/Buyer

What has two thumbs and has a strong passion for marketing strategy and helping brands succeed? This guy! Although digital marketing comprises a large part of my life nowadays, believe it or not, I wasn’t always a digital marketer. At one point, I was just a knee-high, lederhosen-wearing, pretzel-eating youngin’ growing up in Germany. Being an Army Brat with a German mother has afforded me a lot of great experiences, including retaining the German language and a dual-citizenship in both the United States and Germany. At the ripe age of 10, the Army decided to station my Dad in Idaho and I’ve been here ever since!

After graduating, I cut my teeth at a local digital agency that allowed me to hone a variety of skills in the digital marketing landscape, working with companies across the world in multiple industries. My primary responsibility involves helping brands find the right way to pursue their digital marketing efforts while integrating those efforts into their entire marketing strategy.

If I’m not slinging up some pretty sweet ad copy for Google AdWords or placing our clients’ digital media, I can most likely be found skiing fields of powder in the winter, exploring Idaho’s beautiful backcountry in the summer, or shredding on my guitar. I also love anything Boise, so if there’s an event that involves drinking beer outdoors, chances are … I’m there!

– Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing; Boise State University

Adwords and Analytics Certified


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