Cassie Smith

Senior Copywriter

I’m an amalgamation of LOTR nerd (I’ve read it four times), mama bear, and gym bro. As a former collegiate soccer player and present elite-level weightlifter, I’m also fiercely competitive. I’m not exactly sure what all that says about me as a creative writer and marketer, but it’s somehow led me down a pretty incredible path.

In my former life, I’ve been an adjunct professor and an ACT/SAT tutor. For for the past 8 years, however, I’ve been writing copy, directing and brainstorming content, and developing brands.

Outside of the office, you can find me spending time with my husband and almost-3-year-old daughter, reading, training, coaching, and enjoying a cocktail…or two. (I’ve been into whiskey sours lately.)

Neat things:
– Advanced USA Weightlifting coach
– CrossFit L-1 coach
– Learning Lab tutor

– MA in English, Literature from Boise State University, 2011
– BA English, Literature & Film from Eastern Oregon University, 2008

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