Danielle Hannan

Office Manager/Operations Assistant

My parents claim to be unaware of this when they named me, but the first syllable of each of my names rhymes: Danielle Frances Hannan, Dan Fran Han. As far as names go, I definitely could have been given worse. Danielle means “God is my judge” and Frances means “free woman,” and while those are super cool and Tupac of me, they don’t tell my full story, and any person who is decently-read would ask “what’s in a name?” God is my judge, sure, but in true millennial form everyone is my judge, and because of that I’m definitely a rule follower (read: a nerd).

While that information is super enthralling and entertaining, it’s also relevant to my past jobs and my role as the Operations Assistant/Office Manager. Prior to starting at DaviesMoore, I worked in Human Resources at an organic supermarket in Oregon where I definitely followed a lot of rules, and did so happily. After my HR stint and a 770 mile move, I graciously accepted a Media Coordinator position at a full-service agency on the eastern side of Idaho. That is where I became acquainted with the advertising world and all of her beauty and nuances. I’d like to place an emphasis on becoming acquainted with the advertising world because I still have a lot to learn, and I think DaviesMoore is the perfect place for that. My job here is to make everyone’s lives easier—my coworkers, our clients, and our partners, I’m here for all of you!

I love to read, I love dogs, I’m trying to love golf (I started last summer and am thoroughly miffed that I haven’t received any calls from the LPGA yet), and I love my people. In any given conversation I’ll definitely drop an obscure reference to some piece of pop culture and then give a poor explanation of its origin (e.g. the vague Romeo and Juliet reference in the first paragraph; no poor explanation was given because it’s one of the most well studied tragedies in history) . So if that’s your kind of thing, I’m your kind of girl.

-Bachelor of Arts in English, concentration in writing; Western Oregon University

Awards & Recognition
-Western Oregon University’s “Outstanding Student in Writing” 2015

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