Jessica Moon

Production Manager

Hey! I’m Jessica Elizabeth (Brotherton) Moon, or just Jes. You can call me JBro, JMoon, Brotherton, Moon, Jessie, Jessie Moon, Jes, Jessica, or Jessca with an “i”. That’s it, nothing else.

My motto is, Get Shit Done. Some people would say that it’s Type A personality, but I’m not all Type A, I promise. I manage the production and traffic here at DaviesMoore. It’s a fast paced job and fits right into my wheelhouse. I love what I do because it’s a lot of problem solving, communicating and organizing. On a daily basis, I’ll be organizing details, people, events, dates, revision and budgets.

I love people. Everyone is interesting to me and I’m intrigued by everyone’s story. I love my husband, Brad—he’s my best friend. I love soccer—I’ve been playing since I was six and haven’t missed a season. I love kids—they may be a pain in the rear end sometimes, but what adult isn’t also a pain from time to time? I Love Lucy—I’ve seen every episode about 20 times. Quiz me. I love my friends—I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life, who give me strength and inspire me to be better. I love a lot of things. But I won’t give them all away. Let’s get together for a beer and we’ll exchange stories. P.S. I also love beer.

Awards & Recognition
– DaviesMoore Team Member of the Year; 2014

Invovlement & Leadership
– Big Sister, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho
– Boise Advertising Federation Board of Directors, member

– Bachelor of Arts in Business, Emphasis in Accounting & Finance; College of Idaho


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