Jodi Sali

Senior Copywriter & Director of Production

One thing is for sure, I love to laugh. I love to get people to think, all while having fun in whatever I am doing! If I had to boil down my philosophy of great creative, it’s simple: be part of the conversation. If you are not part of the conversation that is going on right now in the real world, as a business… you don’t get picked. I am passionate about life and I love to learn! I like to find the second right answer and explore all the facets of whatever project comes my way.

After spending 23 years in Radio broadcasting, I have an appreciation for what it takes to engage an audience. I will never forget a piece of advice a manager gave me; “Be entertaining, be informative… or be quiet.” For those who have spent any time at all around me… the latter in not my strong suit. At the end of the day, I believe if you’re having fun doing what ever it is you choose to do – you create a sphere of positivity around you. That creates culture and when that culture finds resonant spheres… that is when the fun really gets going! As a Thermostat of Pure Awesomeness at Davies Moore, I welcome the challenge of taking what ever project comes down the line and always try to make it better. Like I said, I want to find the second or even the third right answer!

When I am not weaving a tapestry of creative goodness at work, I am living life and loving it. I am a lucky dad to three amazing kids who will no doubt grow up to change the world with their gifts and talents. I am involved with leading worship at my church, coaching my kids with Upward sports. I love classic Mustangs and making them go fast! I believe life is a gift…I want to make it count and invest in my family, my community and no matter what I touch – I want to make it better!

Awards & Recognition
– 26 ISBA Awards for Excellence in Broadcast
– 2015 Radio Mercury Award Finalist
– 2015 Word Water Park Association, Best Radio Ad (Large Park Category)
– 2001 Citadel Legend Award

Involvement & Leadership
– Boise Education Association Education Week Reader
– Upward Sports Coach & FCA Volunteer
– Children’s Worship Coordinator & VBS Coordinator, Vineyard Boise
– Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

– Bachelor of Arts in Visual Design with Teaching Emphasis; Boise State University 

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