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I’m Kelsey – a maker, daydreamer, Oxford comma advocate, coffee enthusiast (addict, let’s be real), traveler, life experiencer and perpetual student. I have the common, overly curious and ambitious tendencies of a human that constantly searches for more to learn, to understand and to better. I point out random typefaces on the street, nerd out over great concepts and admire the small details. My personal goal is to seek balance in life, and to always leave something better, and more functional than when I found it.

I was like every other college student, looking for a fresh viewpoint, but wondering where I would fall in the mix. With a creative childhood in my pocket, I found my niche in the studio halls of Boise State University and fell in love with printmaking and design. After being accepted into the BFA Graphic Design program at BSU, I hopped over to the University of Oregon to further study Digital Art, Printmaking and Journalism for a year, and then back to finish up my concoction of a degree. I gleefully graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, Certificate of Public Relations, and minors in Marketing and Visual Studies. Directly after college, I discovered another love for advertising through internships, and held positions exploring all that my education can offer. Now, I am happy to begin this beautiful adventure with DaviesMoore!

My pastimes include hiking, running, connecting with people, reading, planning the next crazy place to explore, creating and building a future revolving around design, music, exploring and being a good, loving human. All in all, I try to live life like an open book, just don’t make me use Comic Sans.

– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Certificate of Public Relations, Boise State University

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