Kenzie White

Account Coordinator

I bungee jumped off a cliff in New Zealand, but somehow diving into the world of advertising feels like my coolest adventure yet. Propelling brands with smart and soulful content is my passion, so the fact that I get to work for a company like DaviesMoore is the craziest dream come true.

I left the University of Oregon with degrees in Business and Journalism in hand, ready to take on the big, scary, beautiful professional world that everyone was always talking about. As a student, I was lucky enough to work on several marketing and branding projects for a wide variety of clients, including Feynman Group, Villa Trasqua Winery, Albany Parks and Recreation Department, and Oregon Ballet Academy. I also served as the Volunteer Coordinator for a fantastic nonprofit called Camp Kesem, which is dedicated to supporting children through and beyond their parents’ cancer.

Outside of the professional realm, travelling is my thing – I’ve had the opportunity to explore Guatemala, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia (so far). But I also love my home here in Oregon, and in true Pacific Northwest fashion I love doing anything outdoorsy. I also enjoy painting, and when I’ve got free time you can usually find me at the local humane society petting the pups.

– Dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Business and Journalism with a minor in Political Science from the University of Oregon

Awards & Recognition:
– Magna Cum Laude
– Lundquist College of Business Honors Program

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