Lindsey Schultz

Office Manager

Although I was born in the city of Orange in California, I moved to Boise twenty years ago and have loved it ever since. My heart belongs in Boise, but I have to admit… I miss Disneyland.

I have visited that magical place every year since I was a little girl, and Walt Disney has taught me a lot about chasing my dreams. The thought, detail and sheer silliness that created Disney (and also shaped Walt’s life) have taught me to value the little things and to keep dreaming until I reach my goals. I have envisioned myself working in a creative environment for a very long time, and DaviesMoore is making that come true for me!

Just like Walt and his Imagineers, I am surrounded by highly creative people every day. The people I work with make this place feel like a second home. To me, the best part about being office manager is that I get to help in every department and I see the different kinds of creativity everyone brings to the table. I love that each day is different, and I can use my dope former surgery assistant skills to multitask with quickness and accuracy.

When I am not daydreaming of riding Pirates of the Caribbean WAY too many times, you can find me walking the foothills with my husband and two pups, binge watching Friends, or getting fancy at the Modern Hotel & Bar.

– Bachelors of Fine Arts, in progress; Boise State University


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