Melissa Hassler

Account Executive

My mission in life is to help others. It is a purposefully broad and open-ended mission that manifests in ever-surprising ways. I am passionate about identifying and implementing solutions that bring success to my clients. I’ve had the honor of supporting colleagues in their career development – from mentoring and training to resume writing, providing recommendations, and hiring them for jobs. Helping friends strategize and develop business plans for their own start-up always puts a huge smile on my face – if I wasn’t already smiling before.

I am a California girl who, at the tender age of 5, aspired to be the first girl member of “The Beach Boys”. However, my career took a more colorful path. After college and a year of Spanish language immersion in Barcelona, Spain, I packed up my car and drove 400 miles to my new home – a sight-unseen room in a Hollywood boarding house. I became a producer, project manager and master multi-tasker, working with brilliant creatives and whip-smart developers on ground-breaking initiatives for companies like Disney and Microsoft. 800+ projects, campaigns, and pitches later, my eyes still light up when we strategize about how we are going to reach your target audience via the perfect mix of digital, social, print, audio/video, experiential, retail/display and event marketing.

I love talking to people like you, getting to know you, and understanding your world. Don’t be surprised if I tell you there is someone you need to meet because you share common interests. On weekends, you will probably find me playing cards with my incredible husband, son and daughter at one of the downtown Boise cafes. Some words that describe me are versatile, pragmatic, and reliable. I am a perfectionist who practices all things in moderation, even perfection.

– Bachelor of Arts in Communication; University of California Berkeley